What Being A Mother Really Means|Deserted Mom

Yes, with motherhood comes lack of sleep, no leave days, crying mode, no vacation. After all having this hard times, what is the joy of being a Mother?

Father’s Role on Breast Feeding

On the day of International Men’s Day. I am going to discuss about Role of Father’s on Breastfeeding. Father's are Always Masterpiece of Nature As you cannot breastfeed your baby, it is not like you cannot do anything regarding breast feeding. So, here it is breastfeeding is a team work which you and your partner [...]

Expressing Breast-Milk: A Guide on When and How to Express Breast-Milk:

Expressing the breast-milk is taking out the milk from the breast by not feeding but by yourselves. If you would love to hear my post as podcast Breast-Feeding Awareness Week. Why and When you have to express the breast-milk? 1.If the breast is full of milk and the baby refuses to feed. 2.if you are [...]