Hello Parents, I have attached Free Printables of Preschool Curriculum Lesson Plan for each ages like 2-3 years old, 3-4 years old and 4-5 years old. The Lesson Plan made very basic like you can start with homeschooling your child.

As this year 2020 is moving on staying at home, I thought of Homeschooling my 3 years Old child. I made a Homeschooling Plan. So, I came up with this post as It may help you to easily make a Homeschooling Plan for your child.

After checking on the Printable Let me Know was it Helpful for you to prepare your Homeschooling Plan.

Keep In Mind The Formula is to Make all these Plans in activities appropriate to the ages. For Example: Learning Alphabets for 2- 3 years Old will be Watching and Hearing Activity, for 3-4 years old will be Watching, Hearing, Reciting And Tracing Activity and for 4-5 years old will be Watching, Hearing, Reciting and Writing Activity both Upper case and Lowercase.

Free Printables:

Hope this Preschool Curriculum Lesson Plan For 2- 5 years Old was Helpful to start your Homeschooling Schedules. Please give a big Thumbs up and Comment as it was helpful If this post was useful and informative for you.

Happy Homeschooling!!!!!!

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