How to Do Homeschooling With Your Preschoolers During this Lock down Period

How to Do Homeschooling With Your Preschoolers During this Lock down Period

As a Stay at home Mom of 3 years old. One of my curiosity in this quarantine period was homeschooling my toddler. I've discovered certain strategies like Preschool Basic curriculum, homeschooling schedules. Check out this post to see some of the strategies I've found to start homeschooling at home during this lock down period.

Tracing, Coloring Free Worksheets: Week 1

In this post you will find Free Printable Worksheets of my Week 1 Preschool Learning Resources... Week 1 Printable has Tracing Worksheets of: Letter: A Number :4 Shape :Circle Re-aloud Book: Penguins by Susanna Davidson I have taken an initiative of creating circle time videos for Home Learning of children. So, these Printables will [...]

4 Min Cardio Workout at home for Beginners

Are you looking for workout to start your fitness routine? Are you breast-feeding and thinking some workouts to do? Are you above age 40 and thinking to start simple exercise? are you in mensuration time and thinking not to leave workouts during the 4 days? The this post will be helpful for you. Feel Light, Burn Calories and Start your Day Refresh with this Simple 4 Min Cardio Workout at home for beginners.

Father’s Role on Breast Feeding

On the day of International Men’s Day. I am going to discuss about Role of Father’s on Breastfeeding. Father's are Always Masterpiece of Nature As you cannot breastfeed your baby, it is not like you cannot do anything regarding breast feeding. So, here it is breastfeeding is a team work which you and your partner [...]

Expressing Breast-Milk: A Guide on When and How to Express Breast-Milk:

Expressing the breast-milk is taking out the milk from the breast by not feeding but by yourselves. If you would love to hear my post as podcast Breast-Feeding Awareness Week. Why and When you have to express the breast-milk? 1.If the breast is full of milk and the baby refuses to feed. 2.if you are [...]

How Talking and Listening Skills Help During Early Years of Children’s Development

How Talking and Listening Skills Help During Early Years of Children’s Development

Listening and talking skills are the vital areas in the development of children. It is important to make children active listeners and speakers as not all children are inherently good listeners and speakers. Encouraging them to speak and listen in Early Years will help them in mere academic future. Talking and listening skills are more [...]

Struggling to Potty Train Your Child: 5 Worst Mistakes Parents do Unknowingly.

Struggling to potty train your kids: here are 5 worst mistakes we new parents do before starting potty training to our children. I got some discussion forum in this post. So pull in yourself if you are one of those. I never mind all other people joining us.

Quinoa Pongal | Healthy Breakfast Recipe for Kids There is a Thirukural in tamil stating the size of millet which i thought will be appropriate for this post. As quinoa is also same as millet size 🙂 தினைத்துணை நன்றி செயினும் பனைத்துணையாக்கொள்வர் பயன்தெரி வார். Even if you do a millet size help to others, if they see it as a palm tree size, [...]

Most Simple + Easy + Affordable Activity for Toddlers 1 to 3 years old (2019) Watch the video to see HOW MY KID ENJOY THIS ACTIVITY 🙂 You have a two-year-old toddler, he seems bored at home and showing unknown tantrums as he could not convey his boredom mood. And you are not convinced to join him a nursery as the child isn’t ready for a stranger surrounding. As [...]

Make Preschool Easier: Right Time to start Preschool| Best Tips (2019)

Preparing your toddler to preschool is like we are being blank in our Public exams. Things will be literally messed up and confused which later after a week makes us think, what’s really the problem? Can I stop my child from preschool? Don’t Worry we all face that and not only you. Today I am [...]

Top Guide to the Most 4 Common Skin Rashes in Infants And their Treatments(That Treats Fast)

Top Guide to the Most 4 Common Skin Rashes in   Infants And their Treatments(That Treats Fast)

We bring our child to the world with lots of excitement and dreams. And if we see any problems on them it may confuses us a lot and gives us tons of concern. One such concern we face is that the Baby’s Skin. So that is why i am going to give you Top Guide [...]

How to take care of kids during Summer?

How to take care of kids during Summer?

As Summer is reaching its peak in most part of the world. Today I am going to share about how to take of your babies/toddlers during summer. These steps can also be taken by elders for themselves too. Summer is a wonderful season where we can have all our loved foods like Mangoes, ice creams, [...]

9 Ultimate Guide for your Hair Care Routine During Weight Loss And Post-Pregnancy Periods

Hair fall for women during post pregnancy, weight loss journey and menopause stage is very common. But it is not permanent. We can help our hair to regain its volume with a 9 steps Hair Care Routine. Come in up to learn the hair care routine.

Why should you take your kids to Zoo?

Why should you take your kids to Zoo?

Abu Dhabi Emirates Park Zoo Taking kids to Zoo has more benefits for kids and for You also. In recent times, one of the favorite things for Sanath is visiting Aquarium and Zoo, as he sees all those creatures in his favorite animation videos. He tends to learn so many things as he spend time [...]

5 Exclusive Benefits of Nature Play

On continuing the topic from my previous two posts which is on Desert to Nature and Astonishing Importance of Nature Play. This post is going to be about Exclusive Benefits of Nature play for the kids. Develop Senses: Nature Play tends to develop the child’s senses. Like touching Sand, touching the leaves of the plant, [...]

Transportation Theme Based Sensory Bin

Transportation Theme Based Sensory Bin

Hey Parents, If you have a toddler who loves to play with his Jet flight, a sail boat or a fire engine. Then it is based to do a Transportation theme based activity. Before getting them to this activity, make them learn all vehicles and their mode of transportation like air, water and land. So, [...]